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Buddhist Society of WA

Constitutional Centre

Mosman (Meads)


Sunday Times

Wonderland of Toys

Carillon City

Finance For Tradies [1 x 15]


Property Club [3 x 10]

Radio Campaigns

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Why Campaign Are Better Than Single Advertisements.

Advertising is founded on repetition. That is why Radio advertising sells schedules of
30 commercials per week. Or 25. Or whatever package suits the advertiser. The chance that
multiple communications points within one commercial will be recalled or remembered? Zero

Funny Isn’t Funny After A Squillion Repeats

Once you have heard a commercial, you generally tune out the second or third time you hear it.
You already know the punch line. The same may be said of any technique – drama, demonstration, soundscapes, dialogues, monologues, music, anything else.

Why Campaigns Are Better Than Single Ads.

Campaigns allow you to build your brand; achieve a market presence; generate customer traffic
(or whatever the objective may be). Plus, they can deliver different facets of your business.

Make Several Commercials.

The solution to effective campaigns is to produce several commercials using the same idea – perhaps executed differently, or a different idea executed similarly or using different content.
Use a common voice, common sonic brand device or consistent music.

Rotate Them Through The Schedule

Rotate their transmission throughout the schedule. This offers the prospect of higher retention.
The chances of a greater degree of memorability occur over the duration of the campaign.

Radio Production Is Cheap

Radio commercials especially are singularly economical to produce. Unlike television soundtracks which are charged as one track = one charge, official MEA voiceover rates allow up to five radio commercials to be recorded within a one-hour session, for a single charge.

These campaigns demonstrate the efficacy of campaigns over single commercials.

Surplus Conveyors

Perron Institute


ESS Engineering


Performance On Hand

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