Sharper pencil communication

Resisting change is like holding your breath. If you succeed, you die.

Give a damn. Make a difference: This is the underlying principle of SPMC. It is not an advertising agency, nor a design sweatshop – nor will it ever be either. SPMC was born out of a more credible, accountable, efficient and cost effective way to create and execute marketing communications. SPMC is driven by (1) the principle of partnership; (2) its clients’ successes; and (3) accountability. Performance Creativity: SPMC offers a unique blend of endeavour, experience, enthusiasm and understanding to produce pragmatic and effective communication solutions for specific needs. Mutual respect: This plus integrity are the foundations upon which SPMC operates. SPMC acknowledges it will never know as much about your business as you. SPMC expects its expertise and experience are similarly regarded. Commercial pragmatism: A desire to reach a complete understanding of the commercial realities and budget restraints under which you

operate means that you will only be presented with communication solutions that can be executed within your budget and time constraints. Cost savings: You will not, nor will you ever be charged the traditional service fees common with many advertising agencies and design groups. The ‘use-it / pay-for-it’ philosophy means never paying for expensive overheads, salaries or support structures. Transparency: SPMC operates transparently. Clients have total access. Plus total continuity. Accountability: SPMC seeks to monitor the performance of any work undertaken. This knowledge is used to build a better understanding of what works best for each client, market and ongoing communication material. Experience:  SPMC has more than 25 years of local, national and international experience. Clients are delivered a standard and quality of work born from this repository and its acquired expertise.

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